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The derogatory travel certificate generator which allows you to complete the exit authorization from his smartphone during the confinement period is online. The platform, which provides the same information as the paper version, then generates a PDF of the certificate containing a QR Code that law enforcement agencies will scan in the event of an inspection.

The availability of this digital version of the certificate should make life easier for many French people. However, it remains essential to fill in the various fields of the form. Unless you configure your smartphone’s web browser settings to do it automatically. Whether you are using an Android smartphone or an iPhone, it is indeed possible to configure your device to automatically fill in your personal information when a form is displayed in the browser.

In the case of the derogatory travel certificate generator, this will allow you to fill in your first and last name, as well as your postal address, without having to enter them manually for each certificate. However, you will need to proceed manually for the date and place of birth.

Set up autofill on iPhone

Before configuring the automatic filling of your personal information in the forms on Safari mobile, make sure you have a contact form in your name correctly filled in with your first and last name and your full postal address. This form is essential to use automatic filling.

Then open the Settings of iOS, enter the menu dedicated to Safari, then access the menu Automatic filling. Make sure that the function is activated for Contact information, and if you haven’t already done so, select the contact card in your name from the line My Info.

When you access the form, activate the cursor in the first field, and press Prefill contact. If several addresses are mentioned in your contact card, select the one corresponding to your home.

All fields should in principle be filled in automatically, except for the date and place of birth which you will need to add manually.

Set up autofill on Android

On Android, the filling configuration is done directly from the browser. Open Google Chrome, deploy the main menu and navigate to Settings of the application. In the section Basic options, enter the menu Addresses and others.

Activate the option Save and fill in addresses, Press on Add an address, enter your personal information and validate by pressing OK.

When you activate the cursor in the first field of a form such as that of the derogatory travel certificate generator, a bubble displaying a preview of your information should appear.

Press it to validate the automatic integration of information in the different fields of the form. The automatic filling of Chrome does not take into account the date and place of birth, you will need to enter these two pieces of information manually in the form before generating your certificate.

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