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Rebelote. After a few weeks of breathing, the French will be confined again from this Thursday evening. After 11:59 p.m., you will not only need download and complete an exit certificate, but you should also restrict your “comfort” outings to a 1 km zone around your home.

To avoid venturing too far, we have selected several solutions for you to allow you to calculate and view simply and quickly on a map the corresponding authorized exit zone from your computer or smartphone.

1. CovidRadius

Accessible directly from your web browser, CovidRadius can be used from both a PC and a smartphone. The service interface adapts to the screen size and will allow you to quickly see if you are within 1 km of a specific address.

To use it, you just need to authorize your browser to locate you, then enter your home address. One click on the button See if I’m in the perimeter will then allow you to immediately see if you are still within the 1 km zone authorized for your daily outing.

Calculate the exit radius on CovidRadius (Free)

2. Esrifrance

The French branch of the Environmental Systems Research Institute, at the origin of the Geographic Information System (GIS), offers an online service dedicated to the calculation of the exit zone of 1Km accessible and simple to use both from a computer and from a smartphone.

Once on the webapp page, press To start and enter your address in the field provided for this purpose at the top left. Once the address is located on the map, go to the bottom of the page, and press Calculate the area. The area corresponding to a radius of 1 km around your address should automatically appear on the map.

Calculate the exit radius on Esrifrance (Free)

3. Geoportal

Although very comprehensive, the GeoPortail online service implemented by IGN has a fairly complex interface that may discourage some. Usable from both a desktop and mobile web browser, GéoPortail will allow you to calculate an isochrone, official term used to define a geographical area that it is possible to reach on foot using a vehicle, from a specific point , for a certain distance.

Calculating the area corresponding to a radius of 1 km around your home will thus require a little more handling than the two previous solutions. After searching for the address of your location, it should automatically appear on a map that is actually aerial photos.

For better readability, change the display, by clicking on the main menu displayed at the top left, then by going to Basemaps. Select for example the IGN plan and close the main menu. Then press the icon of a wrench, open the menu Measures, and choose to Calculate an isochrone.

In the pane that appears, enter your address in the field Departure, select the option Isodistance, customize the value by putting 1 km, indicate your mode of transport, and press the button Calculate. Then close these settings by pressing the key again.

This should give you a very accurate map showing the area corresponding to a maximum travel distance of 1 km in which you are allowed to be during containment.

Calculate the exit radius on GeoPortail (Free)

If any of these services are your preference, you can create a shortcut on your smartphone’s home screen for faster access.

On iOS, from Safari, press the Share button, and choose the option On the home screen. You will only have to customize the name of the webapp and then press Add to pin a shortcut to the home page.

On Android, from Chrome, open the main menu and tap Add to Home screen, then confirm by tapping Add again and then Add automatically.

A new icon for the chosen direct access shortcut should now be on your main screen.

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