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For Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge users, the arrival of the October 2020 update could turn their habits upside down. The Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut, used to quickly switch from one open application to another, now natively integrates the various tabs open in Microsoft’s web browser.

Concretely, when you use Alt + Tab, you will not only be able to navigate between the applications active on your machine, but also to switch from one tab to another among those open in the Microsoft browser.

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This feature, which is enabled by default, can be disabled or customized to display more or less tabs. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s new with the Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut.

1. Open Windows settings

Click on the menu Start, meet in the Settings Windows then enter the System menu.

From the System Settings side column, navigate to the section dedicated to Multitasking.

2. Customize the use of Alt + Tab

Locate the section dedicated to the Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut. Click on the drop-down menu, and choose one of the actions offered by Windows.

You can then use the Alt + Tab shortcut to:

  • Open windows (active applications) and all open tabs in Microsoft Edge,
  • Open the most recent windows and 5 tabs in Microsoft Edge
  • Open the most recent windows and 3 tabs in Microsoft Edge
  • Open windows only

This last option should be selected if you want to completely disable the display of Edge tabs when using the Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut.

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