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Normally, when your PC’s webcam is activated, a small colored LED is automatically lit next to it (at least on recent machines) and goes out once the webcam is deactivated.

To complete this system, it is possible to force Windows 10 to display directly on the screen a notification alerting you each time the camera connected to your computer is turned on or off. This requires going to the operating system’s Registry Editor to change a value that is normally intended for machines that do not have an LED indicator on the webcam.

1. Open Registry Editor

Start by opening the Windows Registry Editor. To do this, use the keyboard shortcut Windows+R to open the window Execute, then in the field To open, enter Regedit, and validate by clicking on OK.

2. Access the registry key

In the Registry Editor window that appears, copy and paste the path to the following registry key:


3. Modify the value of the key

Now double click on the DWORD value NoPhysicalCameraLED. In the window Edit 32-bit DWORD value which is displayed, on the line Value data, replace the 0 by 1 and validate by clicking on OK.

Then restart your machine for your changes to be taken into account by the operating system. Then open a program that requires access to the webcam.

If all goes as planned, Windows 10 should automatically display an alert notification on the screen, indicating that the webcam connected to your PC is active (On), or disabled (Off).

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