Is your iPhone’s battery life starting to decline? On its website, Apple explains that a “normal battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after 500 full charge cycles.” You can also easily check the remaining charge capacity of your battery from Settings> Battery> Battery status. In other words, after 500 charge cycles, the battery life of your iPhone may be cut off by a fifth of its total charging capacity.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t go into details, and that percentage doesn’t tell you the exact number of charge cycles your iPhone has gone through. While there is third-party software on Windows or macOS to get your battery charge cycle count, there is no official solution available directly on iOS. Unless you go and get that data directly from the iPhone scan data.

1. Find the analysis data

Open iOS Settings and go to the menu Confidentiality. Scroll through the options, enter the menu Analysis and improvements then go to Analytical data.

A huge list of your device’s scan data is displayed. The data is organized in alphabetical order. Locate the file log-aggragated-yyyy-mm-dd-xxxxxx.ips, or yyyy-mm-dd represents the date in the most recent year-month-day format.

2. Copy the analysis data

Then select all of the text in the file and copy it. To do this, keep your finger pressed, then using the blue handles, select all the text. Then press To copy.

Close them Settings and open a new Note in the appropriate application. Paste the contents of the clipboard (the analysis data) you just copied.

3. Find the number of charge cycles

Then tap the share button for your note to display the options and tap Search in note. Type BatteryCycleCount in the search field and validate by pressing okay.

The row for the number of iPhone battery charge cycles should automatically be highlighted. You will find under this line, between two tags integrate, the number of charge cycles of your device’s battery.

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