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Imagination is really a great tool for success.

If you can’t imagine something, it probably isn’t possible. If you lack confidence or have a negative outlook on something, you can usually overcome these issues by using your imagination.

You do not remember to play cops and thieves like a child or play at home? These are just two examples of imagination at its best. Just by imagining that you are someone else, you can create an entertaining experience out of something that otherwise would have been a dull experience.

Looking to dribble a basketball better, right? So why not pretend you’re an N.B.A. pro or a street ball player who knows how to dribble the ball very well. Imagine you are Chris Paul or Allen Iverson. Let’s say your favorite basketball dribbler is Chris Paul. When you’re in a situation where you don’t know what to do with the basketball, think what would Chris Paul do? Thinking in this way can give you a confidence that you never thought you had.

You may be thinking, oh that’s silly, but the point is, it works! If you are broke and believe you are Donald Trump you will feel richer, if you are shy and believe you are Will Smith you will be more social. There are so many situations where you can use your imagination to give yourself a instant increase in confidence.

Some people are very harsh on themselves. They have a negative view of themselves that they have programmed into their brains and that they cannot suppress. Using their imaginations and pretending to be someone else can help remove this negative view from their brain.

You can try to pretend you’re different players until you find the one you can match the best. If you have a few basketball players that you like and can dribble the ball really well, try pretending to be all of them. For example, if your favorite ball handlers were Allen Iverson, Chris Paul, and Kobe Bryant, you would pretend to be Chris Paul today, then pretend to be Allen Iverson the next day, and pretend to be Kobe on the third day. Whichever player you claim to be and feel the most confident is the one you want to stay with.

Using your imagination in this way can be very powerful. If you haven’t tried this before, I suggest you give it a try. It might sound weird or out of date, but the big thing aside is that no one has to know you are doing it. I’m not saying talk like the player or dress like them, but you can just try and play like them.

This is a great solution if you really want to dribble a basketball better. This will give instant results, but you should not use it as a substitute for drills and ball handling drills.

However, you can use this technique with a series of drills and ball handling drills for an incredible improvement in your dribbling ability.

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