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Last January, Facebook unveiled what the new interface of its Web desktop version would look like. Its deployment, which started in march, and spanned several months, is now complete and the new Facebook interface is in principle activated for all users.

But the new design of Facebook is not unanimous. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like it, there’s a really easy way to find the old version of Facebook right from your web browser. Here’s how.

1. Download Old Layout for Facebook

Start by downloading the Old Layout for Facebook browser extension. Available on Google Chrome (and by extension for Microsoft Edge, Brave and most Chromium-based browsers), Firefox and Opera, this extension will make Facebook believe that you are using an old version of your browser, incompatible with the new interface. .

Once installed, if the extension icon does not immediately appear in the dedicated bar on your browser, click the extensions icon, and then choose to pin the extension to the browser.

2. Activate the old interface

Then go to Facebook from your web browser. Click on the extension Old Layout for Facebook, and make sure that Old Layout is correctly selected. Click on Reload to reload the page. You should, in principle, find the old version of the social network.

You can easily go back by selecting New Layout then reloading the page in your browser.

Due to the way the extension works, which makes Facebook believe that you are using an older version of your browser, some social network functionality may be missing. The display of certain games, certain interface elements, or video calls may not always work.

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