Yes Android 11 inaugurates relatively few major novelties, there is one that should considerably strengthen the protection of user privacy. Google’s mobile operating system now offers one-time permissions.

To put it simply, when opening an app asking you to access your location, you can now choose to only allow it once, while using that app. Once closed, the permission ends and the app is no longer allowed to access and use your location.

Here’s how to force all apps installed on your device to ask for your permission each time you open to access location.

1. Go to settings

Start by opening the Settings Android and go to the section dedicated to Location.

2. Change the access authorization

Then enter the menu Access to location data to check which apps have access to your device’s location. In principle, depending on your previous usage, you should have several groups: apps always allowed, apps allowed only while in use, apps that should always ask, and those that are denied access.

Enter the detailed settings for each application whose authorization you want to reset, and change the setting in place by Always ask. Repeat the operation for each of them.

If you’ve made these changes correctly, the next time you open these apps, they will ask you again for permission to access the device’s location if they need it.

You can then take advantage of the unique permissions by choosing Only this time when an app asks for your permission to access your location.

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