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As on most social networks now, Facebook allows its users to create stories and view those of their friends. And there’s a good chance some of these will be posted by people you keep on your friend list more out of obligation (or politeness) than out of genuine friendship.

Without removing these people from your Facebook circle of friends, it’s quite possible to configure the social network so that you no longer have to suffer their stories when you view your feed. Here’s how to hide stories you no longer want to see.

1. Access all the stories

Log into your Facebook account. At the top of the page, where the latest stories posted by your friends are displayed, click the arrow on the right to view all stories.

2. Enter the settings

The page giving access to all published stories is displayed. In the left column, click the Settings button. In the pop-up that appears, enter the tab Confidentiality of the story.

3. Hide stories

Then enter the menu Hide story for. Select the contacts for whom you want to stop seeing Stories from your Facebook News Feed.

Once all the contacts have been selected, confirm your choice by clicking on the button Record.

Unwanted Stories should now no longer be displayed in the Story Carousel displayed on the main Facebook page.

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