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This is called an express launch. Only 24 hours later its keynote dedicated to iPad and Watch, Apple has just released the final version of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.
If your iPhone or iPad is compatible, you can now install these new versions and take advantage of their many new features. Among them, the possibility of storing its applications in a library outside the home screen and the appearance of widgets are undoubtedly those that will bring about the most radical changes. The rest of the novelties are to be discovered in our get started with iOS 14, released this summer.

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From iPhone 6s

All iPhones compatible with iOS 13 are eligible for iOS 14. Owners of an iPhone 6s or an iPhone SE, the two oldest devices on Apple’s list, can therefore install the new version of the system. operating from tonight. The latest iPod touch also benefits.

On the iPadOS side, all iPad Pro can benefit from the update. IPads (fifth to seventh generation), iPad Air (second to third generation) and iPad mini (fourth to fifth generation) are also eligible.

Easy installation …

To install iOS or iPadOS 14, go to the app Settings. Go to section General and choose the second option named Software update. You should be offered the new iOS (if it doesn’t appear, feel free to restart your device or switch from Wi-Fi to 4G).

In the event that your iPhone or iPad does not have enough storage (the update still weighs more than 4 GB), Apple may possibly temporarily remove applications from your iPhone during installation and then reinstall them. . You can also update your device by connecting it to your Mac (Finder) or PC (iTunes).

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