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There is no doubt about it: now is the perfect time to learn Spanish. The question on the minds of many future students is which method of learning to choose! This article will outline the pros and cons of the different ways to learn Spanish so that you can decide which option is best for you.

Attend Spanish lessons


  • Students have a set time for the class that defines a routine.
  • There is a “real” teacher available to answer questions and clarify doubts; empathy with students encourages learning and communication.
  • The opportunity to make friends with other students – language learning must be fun!


  • You must go to where the class is taking place and stick to the schedule.
  • Face-to-face lessons are more expensive.
  • You usually cannot make up for missed lessons.

Learn Spanish Online


  • Online courses are available 24 hours a day from your home.
  • They are cheaper than face to face lessons.
  • Some online courses offer video tutorials.


  • They are easier to give up because there is less commitment to online courses.
  • There is no fixed schedule and therefore no routine.
  • You cannot learn from other students because there is no interaction.
  • Learning is not as fast as in a course in a Spanish speaking country.

Learn Spanish in Spain


  • There is no better place to learn a language than in a country where it is spoken.
  • In addition to learning Spanish, you get an insight into the culture of the country.
  • You can meet new people, not just locals – some can be from all over the world.
  • It is an amazing life experience.
  • You can access more learning materials like local radio, newspapers, TV, and even natives that you can interact with and ask questions.


  • It can be more expensive.
  • Students tend to only spend time with people who speak their native language and, as a result, learn less than they expected.

In summary, most people would agree that the best way to learn Spanish is in Spain. Combining all three methods will maximize your results; start a class at a Spanish school in Spain but use the internet as a way to practice after class. Try downloading free podcasts and using online vocabulary lists to expand your knowledge and complement what you learn on your course!

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