How to light your back basketball court


Passionate about basketball! Why not install a basketball court in your backyard? The good news is, this is one of the simplest garden courts that can be set up. And, after you install it, you can enjoy countless hours of basketball fun from the comfort of your home. To avoid interruptions to your game, why not install rear basketball court lighting so you can play as you wish!

However, when lighting a backyard basketball court, there are a few factors to consider:

Building codes

There are specific building codes such as height restrictions, proximity to the border, foot candle limitations, etc. The building code may set a limit on the height of the light pole.

Light spill

This is when light spreads into areas such as your neighbor’s premises and causes disturbance to them. The light spill can be controlled by limiting the candles to the base of your light.


This is also an important factor to consider when installing lights for the court. The various expenses involved are the cost of the device, the cost of installation, the maintenance costs and the operating costs. Choosing lighting from a reliable supplier is essential to reduce your operating and maintenance expenses.

Let me explain how to plan the lighting:

• Sports lighting standards are measured in “foot candles”, which implies lighting per square foot. A backyard basketball court measures 30 ‘* 35’. For this size of the yard, the lighting required is 10 to 19 feet of candles.

• Lighting requirements for an outdoor court are different from those for an indoor court.

• The lighting required also depends on the viewing audience. Obviously, a backyard will have a limited audience. So you can install a lower light intensity.

• The lighting required by the basketball court also depends on the size of the court.

• The lighting should also be sufficient for the sidelines.

After that we come to the choice of lights.

Lighting options used for a back basketball court:

Lighting: They are made of cast aluminum and use Pulse Start Metal Halide (PSMH) lighting technology which guarantees long life and low power consumption.

LED lighting: LED lighting has become more prevalent now. This type of lighting has a high initial cost but is economical in the long run. This is due to low power consumption and long service life.

With all the information, what are you waiting for? Set up a basketball court to enjoy endless hours of fun!

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