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Officially, YouTube does not allow users to enjoy its content with their screen off on their smartphones. This option, however harmless, is reserved only for Premium subscribers of YouTube and YouTube Music.

Billed at a dozen euros per month, it allows you to listen to YouTube with the screen off, but above all to get rid of advertisements and enjoy offline content.
For users with a free account, however, there is a solution to listen to the content of their favorite YouTube videos without the image and by turning off their smartphone screen. Here’s how.

1. Go to the YouTube website

Open your favorite web browser and go to the YouTube site.

As the app does not allow background playback for free users, you will need to go directly through the site to use it.

2. Activate the desktop version

When you arrive on the YouTube web page, you will have to perform another manipulation to hope to play the content with the screen off. Like the app, the mobile web version of YouTube does not run in the background.

Instead, you will need to load the desktop version of YouTube on your smartphone, understand the same version you are using on your desktop computer.

On iOS

In Safari, tap the icon aA displayed to the left of the address bar. Then choose the Computer version. The page should then reload in a format similar to the one you have on a PC. Start playing your video.

On android
In Chrome, press the main menu represented by three small dots, and check the box Computer version. Again, the page should reload and display the PC version of YouTube in Chrome. Then start playing your video.

3. Start playing in the background

On iOS
From iPhone, lock the screen of your device and activate it. If you just started playing from the web browser, it should have been cut.

However, the media control pane is normally accessible from the iOS locked screen or Control Center to allow you to restart video playback in the background.

On android
Lock your screen and wake it up immediately. You should then be able to access the media player, also accessible from the Android quick access panel to restart playback of your program.

Be careful, however, for this trick to work, you will need to make sure that Chrome notifications are enabled in Android Settings.

You can then continue listening to the video while using another app or even, locking the screen of your smartphone.

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