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Who in a rush has never sent a reply message in the wrong SMS conversation on their smartphone?

The next version of iOS should put a stop to this kind of error in part with the arrival of a new feature in the Messages app.

In iOS 14, users can choose to pin the conversations they feed the most to the top of the application. This will make it possible to keep the most used discussions close at hand as soon as you open Message.

1. Pin a thread

Open the Messages app on iPhone, and swipe right on the conversation you want to pin. Then press the pushpin icon. The discussion should then come pinned to the top of the Messages app.

Repeat for any other conversations you want to keep at the top of the app. You can pin a maximum of 9 conversations.

2. Detach a pinned conversation

If you want to delete one of the pinned chats, or if you’ve reached the maximum number of pinned chats and want to replace one, you’ll need to unpin one of them.

To do this, simply tap and hold the conversation avatar, and drag them to the other discussions list in Messages.

You can also use 3D Touch or Force Touch support to bring up the options where you should find a Detach button.

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