Seems a little trivial to do a “how” on shooting a basketball, you grab it and shoot it at the basketball, duh. It might seem like an easy task, but if you ask almost all good players today, they will tell you that at some point in their life they were taught by someone, either formally, like in a coach or , in an informal way, like at a friend’s or relative’s house. how to properly shoot a basketball.

So, how do you shoot a basketball correctly? In the rest of this article, I’ll try to break down the steps required to properly shoot a basketball, so let’s get right to it.

The first part deals with your shooting position and how you hold the ball just before you shoot.

Step 1. Make sure you have a good stance when shooting basketball. If your position is one week, it’s hard to get a good impression. If you keep your legs locked you’re more prone to losing your balance, and while some of these NBA players make off-balance shots seem easy, for most people they aren’t.

Step 2. Make sure you are holding the ball correctly.

Step 3. You want to keep the ball in the correct position before you lift it to shoot it; we call this the “shooting pocket”. The correct position to hold the ball is a few inches above the waist on the shooting side, if you are left handed it is your left side and vice versa for right handed people, with your elbow directly under the ball.

These next steps deal with the best part of shooting a basketball, the shooting itself!

Step 4. Begin the shooting motion by pushing the bullet up your “shooting pocket” with your shooting hand. Now, where you drop the ball is another part of the “feeling” of the shot.

Step 5. With each shot you’ll want to jump a bit, the only exception to this is free throws, for which most shooters stay stationary.

Step 6. Everything has arrived at this final step, liberation. The basketball exit should take place just before you reach your jump height from the last step.

If everything goes according to plan and you follow these 6 fairly simple steps, you should see the ball only touching the net and hear that beautiful sound of the net snapping.

Once you understand these steps, you need to take a bonus step.

Step 7 (Bonus step). Convenient, practical, practical.

Hope you enjoyed this article on how to shoot a basketball and hope it will bring you success in your future basketball endeavors!

Source by Clay Taylor-Sanford

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