how to shoot quickly with QuickTake?


Apple unveiled QuickTake last year, a new feature that allows users to quickly record a video from the Camera app by simply pressing and holding the shutter button.

With iOS 14, Apple is extending the availability of this feature to some older iPhone models, as QuickTake can now be used from the iPhone Xr and Xs. Here’s everything you need to know to get started with this feature.

1. Quickly capture a video with QuickTake

Open the iOS Camera app. By default, this opens in photo mode. Without having to leave this mode and switch to video, it is possible to start recording a video by simply holding your finger on the shutter button. When you release the shutter button, video recording will stop.

2. Lock the video recording

The QuickTake feature also lets you start a video recording while locking it. To do this, keep your finger pressed on the shutter button, and slide it to the right where a button bearing a padlock has normally appeared. The application then shoots continuously, like when recording is started from video mode, until you stop it manually. While the app is filming, the button at the bottom right allows you to take photos. To stop filming, just press the Stop button.

Note that if you hold down the shutter button and move it to the left, you will activate burst image capture.

3. Use QuickTake with the volume buttons

Initiating video recording on the fly in iPhone Camera can also be done by pressing and holding one of the two volume buttons.

Be careful, however, if you have activated the option Bursts by increasing volume From iOS Camera Settings, you will need to press the volume down button (-) to enable video recording with QuickTake.

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