How well does your mental game play out for you in matches? Are you trying too hard to win your tennis matches? If so, I support you in this article here.

You might want to copy this one and read it monthly.

Okay, let’s talk about how to get into the flow with your game, to let your mental game grow!

In tennis, you are in flux or out of flux in matches.

Your goal in each match is to master the ability to get back into the flow with your mental play and the match, when you’re gone. You will improve with more practice.

Every competitive tennis player must be able to let mistakes and mistakes pass during games.

Your match theme should be,

“The next point is always the most important.”

Focus on this in every match you play and your game will play out after a few games of doing so.

Think how many games you watched, was a player down and never came back and lost the game?

The reason?

“You have to be in tune with your game in matches and not let anything mentally unbalance you while playing it?” Action tip. On your next practice play a whole day, you don’t really try too hard, just let things happen for you on the court, I mean don’t overthink it, just focus on letting the game come to you in training.

This is how you learn to follow your game in practice.

And remember, “You win your matches in practice”. Tennis is just a game of sensations. “And the more you get a better idea of ​​the game, the more your mental game will start to flow.”

Use repetitions to perfect your features.

“So master the art of being able to start flow in a game and stay there with your mental game the whole game.” This will allow you to play tennis consistently and improve your mental game while competing, as most tennis players just don’t practice it enough in their workouts. They focus too much on mechanics and techniques.

Leave those two things to rehearsals, as they will cover that for you.

Remember, you can’t force things in a match. Every match has a different flow, so you need to be able to roll with whatever comes your way, getting back into the flow, when you’re out of it.

The best way to do this is to stay in the moment, focusing all of your mental effort and energy on preparing for the next point.

Flow tennis is being able to step out onto the court and let the game come to you during a match. Consciously let go more so that your mental game can flow.

Source by Thomas Jay Daniels

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