With the release of iPhone 11 and iOS 13 last year, Apple changed how the camera’s burst capture system works.

While it was once enough to hold down the shutter button or the volume button to take burst photos, this operating mode has been replaced by QuickTake, a feature that allows users to quickly record a video without leaving photo mode by keeping their finger pressed on the shutter button.

With iOS 14, things changed, with Apple reintroducing an option to take burst photos using the iPhone’s volume + button. Here’s how to activate it on iPhone Xr, Xs, and later.

1. Go to Settings

Open them Settings iOS, scroll through the options and go to the menu Camera. Activate the option Bursts by increasing volume.

2. Capture burst photos

Now when you want to start a burst photo capture, open the iPhone camera and press and hold the volume + button on the device.

You should see the trigger button displayed on the screen indicating in real time the number of photos captured. You can then go to your Photos library to see your bursts of photos and choose favorites from all the saved images.

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