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WhileAndroid 11 has been officially available for a few days, one of the new features included in this update has undoubtedly confused the somewhat manic users who do not appreciate the touching of the organization of the interface of their device.

Indeed, Android 11 inaugurates a new row of suggested applications on the home screen. This feature is based on your usage patterns and will offer different apps depending on the time of day that you might want to use.

This row of apps is positioned at the bottom of the screen, right where you’ve probably already added the five apps you like to keep handy.

Do not panic, however, if this new organization does not suit you, you can completely disable the display of these suggested applications in the settings of Android 11. Here’s how.

1. Deactivate the function when you open Android 11 for the first time

After applying the Android 11 update to your smartphone, it should display on restart, a pop-up asking you to choose if you want to find your favorite apps at the bottom of your home screen. Press directly No thanks to refuse the activation of this function.

2. Disable suggestions in settings

If, however, you have decided to try the function and have pressed Activate suggestions, you can go back very easily.

To do this, keep your finger pressed on the home screen, then in the menu that appears, access Home settings.

Now you just have to deactivate the Suggestions on the home screen.

Once this option is unchecked the row of suggested applications displayed at the bottom of your smartphone’s main screen should automatically disappear, allowing you to return to the original Android interface.

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