How to turn off your laptop screen by pressing the power button?


When you leave your workstation but need to keep your laptop on to let certain tasks run in the background, your machine’s screen will stay on for as long as you have configured in your computer settings. machine power management.

However, there is a way to turn off your PC screen without having to turn your machine off or put it to sleep. Windows power options indeed offer an option to choose the action of the power buttons. Among these, you can configure your PC so that its screen turns off when you press the power button on the laptop.

1. Go to Windows power settings

Click on the menu Start and meet in Settings Windows.

Then enter the menu System, then go to the section dedicated toPower and standby of the machine. Scroll through all the options and click Additional power settings.

2. Choose the action of the power buttons

In the new window that opens in front of you, click on Choose the action of the power buttons in the side column.

At the line When I press the On / Off button, select Turn off the screen in the two drop-down menus On the battery and On sector.

Then validate your modifications by clicking on Save Changes and then close the window of Power options as well as that of Windows settings.

Now do the test and press the power button on your machine. Your laptop screen should turn off, but the machine is not put to sleep or shut down.

Note that you can also choose, if you wish, to configure the shutdown of the screen of your machine by closing the cover thereof.

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