IPhone owners may use iOS Native Keychain Access by default. While it has what one would expect from this type of tool, it is unfortunately completely absent from other platforms. If you use it, it is therefore better to be equipped exclusively with iPhone, iPad and other Macs at home, if you want to be able to identify yourself easily.

If this is not your case, it is probably best to entrust the management of your usernames and passwords to a third-party application. In this domain, Bitwarden is incredibly efficient at securing your passwords on all your devices. But setting it up most of the time requires you to export your passwords stored in your browser.

If you’ve gotten into the habit of using Google Chrome on a daily basis, chances are you’ve decided to save your username and password there. Synchronized with your Google account, they can be used on all your devices connected to this account. Until now, only Android smartphones have offered the ability to use Chrome’s built-in password manager in other applications. But in its latest update, Chrome on iOS now also includes this possibility. Find out how to use Chrome Keychain to Auto-Fill Passwords on iOS.

1. Download Chrome

If you haven’t already, start by downloading Google Chrome on your iPhone. Once installed, launch the browser and sign in to your Google Account to sync your account data, including passwords, to iPhone.

Download Google Chrome for iPhone (Free)

2. Open iOS Settings

Then open the Settings of iOS, go to the section Passwords, and enter the menu Prefill passwords.

3. Activate Chrome

Within the menu Prefill passwords, make sure that the option Prefill passwords is activated. Then select Chromium to authorize its use for filling.

In the pop-up that appears, press Enable AutoComplete and confirm its activation by pressing OK to allow Chrome to use Face ID. Then close the Settings.

4. Use Chrome’s autofill

Go to any site or launch an app you need to sign in to.

Activate the cursor in one of the identification fields, and press the Passwords word displayed at the top of the iOS keyboard. After authenticating via Face ID, you should access the Google Chrome Keychain.

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