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With the implementation of this new confinement, the Ministry of the Interior has made available the new versions of travel certificates, mandatory to exit, including a digital version to be completed from your smartphone.

The dedicated platform allows you to fill in your personal information (last name, first name, date of birth, address), and choose a reason for travel before generating a PDF file of the certificate, on which is present a QR Code that law enforcement agencies will scan in the event of a check.

The service is accessible from any mobile web browser. Here’s how to generate a digital version of the attestation on iPhone and Android.

1. Go to the Certificate generator

Open your smartphone’s web browser and go to the derogatory travel certificate generator set up by the Ministry of the Interior.

Little tip: On iOS or Android, we recommend that you add the site to your favorites, or even better, add it to your home screen, in order to access it more quickly.

2. Fill in your information

The certificate generator offers the same fields as on the paper version of the document. Enter your first name, last name, date and place of birth, postal address, and select a reason for leaving.

The date and time of exit, which are mandatory, are in principle entered automatically when generating the certificate. If you are preparing the attestation for future release, change these values.

Once all the information has been entered, click on the button Generate my certificate. The file of your certificate, in PDF format, should be available for download.

3. Save the certificate

On android

After pressing the button to generate your certificate, your browser will ask you to give a name and save the file on your device.

If you are using Chrome, which is our case, the PDF will be saved in the directory Downloads of the smartphone.

To view the document, you have two options: through the browser, or by going directly to the backup directory using a file manager like Google Files.

From Chrome, press the main menu, represented by three small dots, and enter the menu Downloads. You should find all the uploaded files there, including your certificate.

If you use a file manager, Google Files on our device, browse the directories on your smartphone to find the one for Downloads. The exceptional travel certificate should be present there.

On iPhone

After pressing the button Generate my certificate, the document should be displayed immediately in the browser if you are using Safari mobile. You should therefore back up the item to keep it locally on the iPhone.

To do this, press the share button, represented by a square from which an arrow comes out, expand the share sheet by dragging it upwards and press Save to Files.

Choose a name by tapping on the one assigned by default (unknown), validate it, choose a backup directory on your device and press Record. In our case, we have opted for On my iPhone> Downloads.

Then all you have to do is open the iOS document manager, Files, then navigate in the selected backup directory to display your exceptional travel certificate.

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