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It’s now official. StopCovid is no more. The first version of the application of contact tracing of the Government, which did not meet the expected success, has been replaced by TousAntiCovid, a new application which is quite similar, but which is more complete than StopCovid.

The main novelty of this application is the arrival of a Key figures section. This allows, at a glance, to know the number of new daily cases, the effective R (the average number of people that a patient can contaminate), the incidence rate (number of positive people for a test, on 100,000 inhabitants), the positivity rate, as well as the occupancy rate of intensive care beds.

TousAntiCovid also provides application-specific data. You will be able to know the number of people who have downloaded and activated the app, the number of people notified after being exposed to the virus, as well as the number of cases reported in the application. Find out how to download, configure and use TousAntiCovid on your smartphone.

1. Download the application

Start by downloading the app to your smartphone if you haven’t already. The app, which is obviously free, is available on iOS and Android.

Download TousAntiCovid for Android (Free)
Download TousAntiCovid for iPhone (Free)

2. Configure the app

Launch the application on your smartphone and press the button I want to participate. TousAntiCovid displays a page summarizing the basics of its operation. Press on Continue then on Accept to accept the terms of use of the application.

To use the application, you will need to authorize it to use a certain number of elements on your smartphone, including the Bluetooth connection which allows you to establish the contact tracing.

Press on To allow for Allow “Bluetooth contacts”, confirm your choice, and press Allow notifications to allow the application to alert you in the event that you come across an infected person. Then consult the summary of barrier gestures and press Let’s go to access the content of the app.

3. Activate the application

You should then arrive on the main page of the application. Push the button Activate AllAntiCovid, fill in the required Captcha and press To confirm. Tracing should then be active.

To give this new application a little more interest, the developers have integrated the latest information about covid-19 on the main page. You will be able to consult the key figures as well as recent news on the subject.

4. Manage your data

As on the previous version of the application TousAntiCovid allows users to manage the data used by the application. Scroll through all the data displayed on the main page and enter the menu Manage my data.

You can then delete all “Bluetooth contacts” information collected on your phone, delete your pseudo-identifiers that have been exchanged with other smartphones and servers in the app, delete the alerts received, and unsubscribe if you no longer wish use the app.

5. Report positive for covid-19

If you have performed a test and it turns out to be positive, the laboratory that performed the test has usually provided you with a QR Code as well as a numeric code to be entered manually.

Enter the section Declare me from the main page of the application and press Scan the QR Code or Enter code to enter the code provided and press Validate.

Everyone who crosses your path will receive an alert indicating that they have been in contact with a sick person.

Note, however, that the code received with your test results is only valid for an hour. So do not delay too long in declaring yourself on the application once you are aware of the positive result of your test.

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