Until iOS 13, when you watched a video or made a FaceTime call, the video window on your screen disappeared whenever you needed to use another app. In iOS 14, this mode of operation was discontinued. Now, when watching full screen video content or using FaceTime, exiting the current app and using a different one does not close or pause the video.

The new version of the iPhone operating system now offers a picture-in-picture mode that lets you display the content of your video or FaceTime call in a movable thumbnail window on the screen. Here’s how to use it.

1. Activate picture in picture

IOS 14’s Picture-in-Picture mode is normally enabled by default on all devices.

To make sure, go to the Settings, then in General, go to the Picture in Picture menu. Make sure that the function Start the IDI automatically is correctly activated.

2. Move and resize the thumbnail

Then play a video in full screen, or make a FaceTime call with a loved one. Normally, if all goes according to plan, exiting the application should leave you with a miniature floating window in which the video or video call continues. Please note, however, that not all applications are compatible with this function yet. However, you can test picture-in-picture with Netflix, Prime Video, or from a video playing in Safari.

This floating thumbnail, displayed on top of the rest of the content, can be moved to any corner of the screen. You can also resize it, by pinching the window with two fingers, as you would zoom in / out on an image, or by directly performing a double-tap.

To return to the original video playback window, tap the dedicated icon displayed at the top right of the thumbnail.

3. Minimize picture in picture

Even better, when viewing a video in picture-in-picture mode, you can minimize it if necessary by moving it off-screen, to the right or left.

You will then be able to access another application in full screen, while continuing to listen to the content of your video. The minimized video can then be brought back to the screen very easily by simply pulling the handle displayed on the side where you chose to reduce the frame.

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