The Lyon supporters are lucky, their semi-final against Bayern Munich will be broadcast for free on TF1. For Paris Saint-Germain fans, RMC Sport * remains the exclusive broadcaster of the match between Neymar, Mbappé and Di Maria at RB Leipzig. This match is also the last of the competition accessible only on subscription, the final also being broadcast unencrypted on TF1 (Sunday evening).

Historical event requires, you undoubtedly want to watch the match in the best possible quality? Forget about IPTV or streaming. If you are ready to pay 25 euros for a month of subscription to RMC Sport (without obligation, you can cancel after), we explain how to do it and on which devices to benefit from it.

The RMC Sport app

Already, you have to subscribe to RMC Sport. Appointment on the channel’s website, it is not possible to make an in-app purchase from your smartphone or connected TV.

Then, here is the list of televisions and TV boxes – in addition to the SFR box – compatible with the RMC Sport application. If your screen is 4K compatible, you will be able to enjoy the game in this quality, as long as your box allows it.

If you don’t own any of the devices in the list above, you can still use an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone to watch the game on the small screen. With a Chromecast or an older generation Apple TV, it is also possible to send the image from your mobile to your TV. You can also connect your mobile to HDMI.

Finally, as a last resort, you can go through the site on your computer and possibly connect it to your television by HDMI.

Tomorrow and Sunday, as said above, the matches will not cost you a cent. TF1 will broadcast Lyon-Bayern and the final. There is now only to hope that our two French clubs succeed in passing this final test.

* RMC Sport and belong to the same group. This article is nevertheless written on our initiative.

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