No need to be subscribed to RMC Sport to watch the Lyon-Bayern game tonight. Measuring the exceptional side of the event, TF1 announced Monday evening that it had bought the broadcasting rights for the match, which is scheduled to kick off at 9 p.m. Everyone should therefore be able to watch the event … provided they are at home and have a television. Otherwise, gives you some ideas for accessing TF1 remotely.

Streaming the match on your smartphone

The advantage with a large channel like TF1 is that it is accessible on many channels. On smartphone, you can for example install the application myTF1,, myCANAL or the TV application of your internet operator (Orange TV,, SFR TV, etc.) to watch the match from the location of your choice. Everything is obviously free, you just need to get it right.

If you do not receive TNT at home but still have a television, you can also install an application on your Smart TV, your Apple TV or Android TV box., free, is probably the best solution.

Receive TF1 abroad

If you are in another European country, be aware that the law allows you to access media such as TF1 from abroad on condition of paying for a subscription to a service (your bank card is used to identify your country of origin). Via the application of your operator or by taking out a subscription Molotov More at 3.99 euros, so you can access TF1. In non-European countries, you must use a VPN.

Sunday evening, TF1 will also be the broadcaster of the Champions League final. Will the event be 100% French or Franco-German?

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