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No Google Play, no problem. So is life at Huawei since the forced and forced divorce with Google services. The Chinese manufacturer has just announced the global launch of its gaming platform, the GameCenter. The deployment of this service concerns thirty-three countries, including France.

The objective for Huawei is to fill the absence of certain services related to Android, due to the economic war between China and the United States. Indeed, for several months, Huawei has no longer been allowed to collaborate with an American company without a special license granted by the Trump administration. Deprived of many applications and Google services in general, the manufacturer is gradually relying on proprietary solutions and this is how we must analyze the arrival of this umpteenth mobile gaming platform.

A common platform for players

With the arrival of the GameCenter, Huawei will mainly allow developers to add the Huawei API to their games and thus make them compatible on P40 and others Mate 30 Pro. For their part, owners of Huawei smartphones will have a common play area, synchronization and saving of their games as well as their in-app purchases. This adds GameCenter to the list of Huawei Mobile Services, the application that can be downloaded from AppGallery. In the future, the GameCenter should even be automatically integrated into EMUI, the OS for Huawei smartphones.

This new feature could allow the Chinese manufacturer to no longer be behind in terms of mobile gaming. Indeed, the US sanctions deprived him so far of the latest Android titles.

Life without Google continues for Huawei, but this time it seems to be taken a little more seriously. Indeed, the Chinese manufacturer had declared a few months ago to want to ignore the commissions paid to developers. The launch of this new service also marks a change in discourse. Now we promise them “A privileged share of application revenues”. This strategy is certainly more appropriate when it comes to convincing a third party to participate in their project.

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