Hubert Auriol, former director of the Dakar rally and first presenter of Koh-Lanta, is dead


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Former Dakar rally driver and director Hubert Auriol died on Sunday at the age of 68, his family announced. Adventurer at heart, he also presented the first season of the Koh Lanta show and holds the record for the fastest round-the-world flight in propeller planes.

Hubert Auriol, former pilot and director of Dakar rally and first presenter of the Koh-Lanta reality show, died Sunday, January 10, at the age of 68 “from a cardiovascular accident following a long battle with the disease,” his family told AFP.

Nicknamed “the African”, not only because he was born in Ethiopia in 1952, but also because of the successes encountered on the tracks of the famous rally-raid, which he was the first to win both on a motorcycle (1981 and 1983) and in cars (1992), he then went to the other side of the looking glass from 1995, becoming the new boss of the Dakar, a position he held until 2004.

It is under his direction that the rally-raid will set off for the first time outside France, from Spain (Granada in 1995, 1996 and 1999) and even from Dakar (1997 and 2000).

His face would become even more familiar to the general public in 2001, when he added a new string to his bow: television.

Fastest round-the-world record in a propeller plane

Hubert Auriol will also go down in history as the first presenter of a cult television show since, Koh-Lanta, during which physical tests and adventure are promised to the candidates.

However, the experience will stop for him after the first season.

The taste for adventure is in fact the common thread in the life of Hubert Auriol, who also has another record, that of the fastest round the world made in propeller planes, in 1987 – shortly after his accident. motorbike – with Henri Pescarolo, Patrick Fourtick and Arthur Powell, in just over 88 hours.

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