hundreds of people demonstrate against police violence and racism


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A week after a deadly police operation in a favela on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, demonstrators took to the streets of several major cities in Brazil on Thursday to protest against police violence and racism. Reportage.

In the historic center of the city of Rio de Janeiro, hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets Thursday, May 13 on the occasion of the day of commemoration of the abolition of slavery.

They denounce the violence perpetrated during a anti-drug police operation carried out a week ago in a favela in Rio and which turned into a bloodbath. It is the most violent police operation in the history of the city.

“According to several Brazilian media, out of the 28 victims, only three were directly involved in drug trafficking,” said Mariam Koné, correspondent for France 24 in Brazil.

But in a context of a global pandemic and the impoverishment of the population, the demands of the demonstrators exceed the protests against the police violence.

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