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Boston Dynamics and its impressive robots like Spot should still change owners. After being rounded up by Google in 2013, then the Japanese Softbank in 2017, they could be taken over by South Korean automaker Hyundai.

A billion dollars at stake

The transaction would amount to a billion dollars, according to Bloomberg. But for the moment, the main parties have not confirmed. The problem with Boston Dynamics, which achieves prowess in the speed and fluidity of its machines, is that its products are not profitable. The company was originally an offshoot of MIT and has long operated as a research laboratory.

Conversely, Hyundai has a very pragmatic view of robotics. Its dedicated division, Hyundai Robotics, was created in 1984 and has a large catalog of products, ranging from service (robot vacuums, mowers) to production in factories. It could take advantage of technological advances from Boston Dynamics.

Source: Bloomberg

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