Brands specializing in gaming furniture must start shaving the walls: the all-powerful Ikea has started the development of gaming furniture by partnering with the global heavyweight of gaming PCs, Asus. With the ROG subsidiary of the Taiwanese IT champion, Ikea intends to offer ” affordable play furniture and accessories “.

Ikea already has equipment marked “gaming”, as many chairs as desks. But apart from the office Fredde that smacks of the nerd more than the gamer pure, most of the furniture is fairly traditional.

Not surprisingly, the project will be piloted not from Sweden, but from Ikea’s product development center in Shanghai. In addition to meetings with Asus designers, the Ikea teams will reclaim the ROG brand, much like the collaboration thatIkea talks to Sonos for example.

The first batch Ikea x Asus ROG concerns 30 products, without specifying more on their exact nature – but one is entitled to think of chairs and desks. The products will be marketed in China from next February 2021, the rest of the world should wait until October 2021 to get their hands on them.

Source : Engadget

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