Apple is cleaning the shelves of its stores from its likely future competitors. Since the end of September, the company has stopped selling third-party brand headphones, headphones and speakers. Only the two AirPods models and the products of its Beats division remain. This concerns both physical stores and the online store.

Apple is probably preparing the upcoming arrival of its first headset marketed under its own brand. Since 2018, the company has been known to be working on the design of such a product, known as AirPods Studio.
Icons representing it were seen in a pre-release of iOS 14. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurmann and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo – arguably the two most knowledgeable people about future Apple products – have reported several times that such a helmet was in the works.

No more smartwatches before Apple Watch

In 2014, Apple had already withdrawn all connected watches, including those from Fitbit, from its stores, ahead of the launch of its first Watch. AirPods Studio should come in two customizable versions : one geared towards sports use, another more elegant for everyday use.

It would of course integrate a noise reduction system, which has become essential on high-end models; and which we know since AirPods Pro and the Beats Solo Pro that Apple now has perfect control over the contours. The AirPods Studio could be presented in October, along with the iPhone 12 and a miniature version of the HomePod speaker.

Source: Bloomberg

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