In Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu’s party courts Israeli Arabs


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Israeli voters are due to return to the polls on Tuesday, for the fourth time in two years. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party is trying to seduce Arab Israelis.

Majdi Qasem, a young Israeli Arab, has never voted for Likud, the party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. However, he is now campaigning for this party, a few days before a new legislative election. The fourth in two years in the country.

“I tell people to influence things by getting closer to the decision-making center,” explains the young man, who points out that no Arab is part of the Israeli government. “Joining a large party serves the interests of our society,” he adds.

But in his town of Tira, the Likud vote is in the minority and Majdi Qasem is struggling to convince voters to give their voice to Benjamin Netanyahu.

In this city, residents believe that the Prime Minister’s party does not care about their main problem: the increase in crime.

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