in Paris, the bicycle is experiencing a real boom


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Increasingly popular in Paris since the start of the health crisis, the bicycle is celebrated on Thursday on the occasion of the third “World Cycling Day. An event created by the United Nations to promote this equally beneficial mode of transport. for the planet and for the health of cyclists.

It’s World Bike Day Thursday. June 3, a date chosen by the United Nations, in 2018, with the aim of celebrating this simple, sustainable and affordable mode of transport that protects the environment.

Cycling has become a real superstar thanks to the pandemic, Making it possible to preserve social distancing and avoiding cluttering public transport, all without wearing a compulsory mask.

“Paris has really advanced”

In Paris, on rue de Rivoli, the lane is completely closed to cars from the containment. Only delivery vehicles, emergencies, buses and taxis can take this route, which is now intended for cyclists only.

At the microphone of France 24, Parisians appreciate above all the “practicality” of cycling. “It’s not as stressful as the car”, reacts one of them, when another, who designates his folding bike as being his “best companion”, says: “It helps me to think, to be more serene to go to work, and it’s a little relaxing, and it makes you do a little sport too. “

“I have cycled in all countries, all cities, and Paris has really advanced“, estimates another cyclist.” Less than Amsterdam or Copenhagen, but it’s better than before! “

Every year in Europe, 28,000 deaths averted

This third World Cycling Day aims to encourage the 193 United Nations countries to develop suitable and secure infrastructures.

Cycling also has many benefits. Practiced regularly, it improves heart rate, respiratory functions, oxygenates the brain and releases endorphins which reduce stress and anxiety.

According to the European Federation of Cyclists, the use of the bicycle would prevent nearly 28,000 deaths in Europe each year.

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