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With each new iPhone, the war between Samsung fans and Apple starts again. This year, the latter is particularly fueled by a publication from Samsung on social networks. The brand posted an image of a charger accompanied by a caption “Included with your Galaxy”. If many think this is global communication, it is actually the account Samsung’s Caribbean originator. In Europe and the United States (the place where most advertising comparative are issued), Samsung has not released anything.

A bad buzz orchestrated from abroad

Samsung is known for its mockery of Apple. When removing the jack, we remember the advertisements of the Korean brand … which had finally followed its Californian rival a few years later. Samsung also made fun of the notch, before offering one on its Galaxy A. This dangerous game often ends up turning against the Korean that many now hope to see the charger removed from the box in the coming years!

However, be aware that none of these previous advertisements were intended for the whole world. In discussions with European Samsung officials, it was often explained to us that the anti-Apple ads were initiatives of the US division of the company. In the United States, comparative ads are indeed very popular. In France, no anti-Apple ad has ever been aired, the brand preferring to stay away and take advantage of its number 1 position. In other words, it is a little unfair to conclude that this Caribbean publication reflects the thought. general of Samsung. Perhaps Samsung should simply clean up the way it communicates, just to take a firm stand on this practice.

Still, with more than 100,000 likes, the Caribbean publication has largely exceeded its target.

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