In the streets of Gaza, an unprecedented show of force by Hamas


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It is an extremely rare occurrence. After the ceasefire took effect on Friday, Hamas fighters marched through Gaza to claim victory. For the first time since the start of the conflict, its leaders have come out publicly, including Yahya Sinouar, the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Reportage.

To honor his dead, Hamas does it big. After the end of the fighting against Israel on Friday, several hundred fighters of the Islamist movement marched through downtown Gaza.

For their part, the inhabitants, stunned by eleven days of offensive, observed these troops without however cheering them.

Hamas leaders were present and the most important of them appeared as the parade drew to a close. For the first time since the Israeli offensive, Yahya Sinouar, the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip has appeared in public. He chose to come and greet the families of the fighters killed during the offensive.

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