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Strasbourg leads the large urban areas benefiting from the highest speed and the best quality of mobile service in France. It obtains 66 Mbit / s on average in download and very good performance in terms of web browsing and streaming, according to the speed test application nPerf.

The nPerf classifications.

It is followed by Lille and Rouen. These data come from a barometer comparing the results of the fifteen largest French agglomerations from January to October 2020.

Paris, Lyon and Marseille lagging behind

Paris, Lyon and Marseille, the three largest metropolises in the country, are barely at the bottom of the ranking. Their high population density probably explains this situation since the mobile network remains shared and suffers from congestion phenomena when too many users connect simultaneously.

nPerf also observed the performance by operator in these agglomerations. As at the national level, Orange is in the lead. It is followed by Bouygues Telecom, then SFR and, finally, Free Mobile.

Source: nPerf

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