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The Indiana Pacers supposedly dubbed “the heart of basketball country” are having trouble with their fans this season. Crowd participation decreases with every game the team plays.

The negative news from the team on top of the record losses has turned into apathy on the part of fans to visit Conseco Field House this season where we are seeing more empty seats than fans. The Pacers averaged an attendance of 12,183 plus minus the smallest in the NBA this season; about the worst since the 1990-91 season. Attendance has failed to reach at least 10,000 and continues to drop below 8,000.

This whole problem is a problem of apprehension for the Pacers’ highest organization. Herb Simon, co-owner of the Pacers, describes the number of spectators as “a stunner” and guarantees to take certain strategies to win and win back the fans. During the inaugural 1999-2000 season, attendance at Conseco Field House was previously depleted in advance, but has declined sharply in six of the past eight years. This season, attendance is down by more than 3,000 from last season’s average of 15,359. For owners Mel and Herb Simon, this is indeed a very deep financial loss.

According to the Pacers Marketing Report team, the average ticket price is $ 42.39 this season, below the NBA average of $ 48.83. Also according to Forbes magazine, the Indiana Pacers lost in the 2005-06 season about $ 12.5 million and last year they have lost $ 1.3 million so far. As a result, this translates into a lower player payroll.

Before we can fix all this mess, the team has to start winning something. Attendance typically pursues a team’s win-loss record and either positively or negatively reveals income each season. The Pacers’ record has started every year since they won a record 61 game in the 2003-2004 season, and they could do it again if they fail to tie the game’s 35-game winning tally. last year.

The drumming of advertising has hit the court since November 200; plus minus three consecutive seasons of fan dissatisfaction.

“We’re in a smaller market and when we don’t win, our ownership decreases,” said CEO Donnie Walsh. “I think it’s a combination of some of the incidents we’ve had and the fact that we’re not a very good team right now, which is another story. The fact that anyone would stay behind. home because of some of the things what our (players) have done is not a good statement for us and we need to correct that. “

Renny Harrison, owner of ticket broker Circle City Tickets, said his company has gone on a financial strike over Pacers tickets. He projected he was making “20 or 25 percent” of the sales he expected in the 2003-04 season and expected to lose money to the Pacers this season. His company offers tickets below the original value. A $ 125 seat, for example, can be purchased for $ 50.

Cookie English, a subscription holder, has remained committed to its support. “I’m not going there to look at the personal life (of the players),” English said. “I want to be entertained. If you want to find an excuse not to go, you can do that. But to say that they don’t make an effort and games are not entertaining, that’s not true. It makes me sad. I’m afraid that since their participation is declining, they will want to move this team out of here. “

The Indiana Pacers are exciting strategies to try to win back fans. They started with game promotions, also met with more community groups, and invited season ticket holders to visit during the stays of Team President Larry Bird.

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