Info or Intox: in Canada, children vaccinated against their parents’ wishes?


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A video posted on Twitter claims that in Canada, a center vaccinated children against Covid-19 in exchange for ice, while their parents, opposed to the injection, were held outside by police. We take stock of the content of this video and its caption.

In Canada, “a vaccination center offers ice to children in exchange for a vaccine, no parental permission required … Police are guarding the premises to prevent parents from intervening!” a tweet in French published on May 24. The accompanying video has accumulated 168,000 views. Elsa de la Roche Saint André deciphers what is true and false in this publication.

The details to remember

The vaccination center seen in the video is the one deployed in the city hall of Toronto (Ontario) on May 23, for an exceptional vaccination campaign open to all residents over the age of twelve. The mayor of the city had particularly insisted on his desire to welcome people without insurance and immigrant workers. “I encourage families with eligible children to come to the clinic”, he had also indicated.

But children aged 12 and over did not necessarily need to come with their parents because, by virtue of the provincial health care consent law adopted in 1996, they can be vaccinated without their consent.

The individuals seen in the video are in fact anti-restriction and anti-vaccination activists. Three of them were arrested. According to an article in Toronto sun, “One was charged with public nuisance, another for failing to comply with an order, and a third was fined for a provincial offense”.

At the same time, 2 500 people received their first dose of vaccine in the precinct of the ephemeral center and could well leave with … an ice cream.

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