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Intel would be about to present its 3D architecture to us. According to the specialized site VideoCardz, a tweet posted from the official account of Intel’s 3D division – visible below – announced that in the ” Next 20 days, announcements would arise About the progress of their work. This post was hurriedly deleted, but VideoCardz enthusiasts had time to take a screenshot of it.

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If our accounts are correct, Intel could therefore communicate from August 15 on the Xe architecture, provided that the founder does not change his mind by then … or that the person who sent the little message does not was not mistaken in his accounts.

At the moment, we know relatively little about Xe architecture despite an exclusive presentation and discovery granted to at the last CES show in Las Vegas.
It will be present within the chips for Tiger Lake laptops, whose official launch is due early September. Of this we are sure. Maybe Intel will “kill two birds with one stone” and introduce Xe at that point.

Intel has been working on its 3D projects for more than two years and had promised a launch for 2020. He has less than five months to be on schedule.

Source: VideoCardz

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