Intel formalizes the arrival of 11th generation Core for our desktop PCs in 2021


On the eve an AMD conference dedicated to new Ryzen processors for desktop PCs, Intel announces that it also has chips in the pipeline. Code name: Rocket Lake. They will be, just like the Tiger Lake of our ultraportables, 11e generation. Their arrival is scheduled for the first quarter of next year, according to the post posted by John Bonini, one of Intel’s vice presidents.

Of course, we will probably have to wait CES 2021 for some additional information on the number of cores, frequencies, etc. As it stands, the only detail given by Intel’s press release comes down to native support for the new PCIe standard, PCIe 4.0.

Thanks to it, the transfer of information will be done even faster between the storage and the CPU but also and above all, between the CPU and the GPU. The new RTX 30 series from Nvidia are PCIe 4.0 compatible and the next Radeon RX no doubt will be.

The rest of the message posted on Medium recalls the recent collaborations between Intel and the world of video game development and production, in particular with Asobo Studio (Flight Simulator), Crystal Dynamics (Avengers) or with Creative Assembly (A Total War Saga: Troy). While emphasizing the performance delivered by current Intel Comet Lake-S in these titles. And in all video games in general, especially when compared to the services offered by competitors AMD 3000 Series Ryzen 5, 7 and 9.

Source: Intel Medium

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