Intel has had a large amount of sensitive data stolen, some of which concerns future processors


Intel didn’t really need this. Busy restructuring for a few weeks, the processor giant discovered that 20 GB of data had been stolen. Mainly technical documents, presentations and roadmaps. Everything would have been downloaded from the Mega site and left for free download. This is the site who was informed and who immediately began to investigate the matter.

According to our colleagues, it is a Swiss software engineer who received this information from one of his sources and made it available to everyone. This salvo would only be the first, judging by the content of the tweet posted by this engineer.

A deliberate act?

The source of this developer claims to have foiled the computer security of an Intel server hosted by a third party provider (Akami CDN). All of this would have happened last May.
ZDNet managed to get its hands on the files in question and says that indeed, it is indeed sensitive information, properties of Intel, about old platforms but also Tiger Lake processors. Fleas that had to be launched on September 2. A priori, the data does not contain information on customers / users of Intel solutions, nor on its partners and even less on its employees.

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Intel, for its part, has serious doubts that its server has been hacked. Questioned by our colleagues from ZDNet, spokespersons for the foundry said the leak was likely caused by someone who had access to those 20 GB of data. According to Intel, this is information that is accessible from its service Resource and Design Center, reserved for partners, advanced users and developers. To access it, you have to follow a long registration procedure that is only validated by the competent services of Santa Clara.

Intel is continuing its investigation but is not immune to other information, recovered during this computer theft, being published on the Web in the coming weeks.


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