This is a possibility that HomePod was sorely lacking, when the Alexa or Google Assistant speakers already offer it. Interphone Announcements – in good French – are now possible on Apple smart speakers. But the manufacturer goes further by declining them throughout its range.

It will therefore be possible first to ask to HomePod mini from the living room to broadcast a message to all the other HomePods in the home (the first of the name will also be compatible). No need to scream anymore “Children, at the table! “ across the whole house to get everyone together for the meal.

From the car or the garden

But Apple will also roll out this possibility by the end of the year through a free update to its other products. Imagine driving home on your way home, CarPlay can ask everyone in the family if they need anything before you get home.

The message will then be distributed not only on HomePods, but also on the family’s iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Apple doesn’t say whether its Macs will be compatible at this time, but it would be surprising if they weren’t. Certain visuals seem to confirm this in any case. Other people can then respond to you using whatever device they have on hand at the time, wherever they are.

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