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From the outside, if Apple does not seem to have a clear vision with regard to the right to repair of its products, it is quite normal: this debate also exists internally. According to documents Apple has given to investigators in charge of the anti-trust investigation targeting it, the lack of clear vision around this issue is glaring.

These are emails from the communications department that highlight an internal paradox. Some teams want to support the right to redress, others are working to block it. These are emails from the former director of internal communications, Lori Rodes, which put the words on this problem of double talk:

“Currently it is clear […] that there is no comprehensive strategy. On the one hand, we are making the changes (which are needed, editor’s note) and on the other we are actively fighting the right to reparation legislation that is being prepared in 20 states without real coordination […].

“Currently we are having two speeches and no one knows where we are going”.

These extracts come from an email exchange between Lori Lodes, ex-director of institutional communication and Steve Downing, ex-Vice President of communication.

While on the one hand Apple has always emphasized the durability of its products, the company has always sought to limit, or even drastically limit, the repair of its products. Some safety arguments seem valid with regard to the safety of parts – both hardware (batteries, etc.) and software when it came to the iPhone Touch ID button. But the company has always had as a global posture to do everything possible to minimize personal initiatives as much as those of small repairers.

But what until now was only external observations, a sum of experiences shared in the press, forums and social networks, is now taking shape with internal company emails. Proof that there was no collective hallucination about Apple’s repair policy: there was none, and it was causing a lot of internal problems.

Source : The Verge

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