IonQ is said to have created ‘the world’s most powerful’ quantum computer


IonQ Company Announces Creation of Quantum Computer “The most powerful in the world”. It is based on 32 qubits “Perfect” and would be characterized as a “quantum volume” of 4 million. Which is huge.

Indeed, quantum volume is a number that has been around for a few years and represents the performance of a quantum computer. It takes into account a set of characteristics, such as the number of qubits, their interconnection, error rate, etc. The previous record for this was just a few days ago and was set by competitor Honeywell. He was proud to have obtained a score of… 128. IonQ would therefore have made a giant leap.

How is it possible ? IonQ – which relies on the trapped ion technique to generate its qubits – has not yet given all the details of this new architecture. But the company says it has made huge strides in correcting errors. Claims that must now be verified by the scientific community.

Source : Fortune

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