After a keynote dedicated to iPad and Watch on September 15, Tim Cook and his teams are preparing to return to the stage on October 13 for a second conference dedicated to the iPhone. The Californian brand should take advantage of the event to present new accessories on the theme of music as well as the highly anticipated AirTags trackers. If you’re impatient and want to learn more, here’s a summary of the rumors.

An iPhone 12 available in four models

After the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2019, Apple is expected to launch theiPhone 12 mini, theiPhone 12, theiPhone 12 Pro and theiPhone 12 Pro Max this year (the names are of course hypothetical). This range would be divided into two categories with mainstream iPhones (12 mini and 12) and higher end iPhones (12 Pro and 12 Pro Max).

For the first time, Apple would only use OLED panels. The iPhone 12 mini would have an edge-to-edge screen 5.4 inch (which would make it smaller than the latest iPhone SE), iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro would share a screen of 6.1 inch while the iPhone 12 Pro Max would inherit a slab of 6.7 inch, a record for an Apple smartphone. The notch introduced with the iPhone X would still be present and would not be smaller, contrary to what previous rumors may have indicated.

The new iPhone 12 would still benefit from a refreshed design in line with the iPad Pro. The rounded edges of the iPhone, which are the same since 2014 and the iPhone 6, would be replaced by flat borders. It should bring back fond memories to former iPhone 4 and 5 owners.

In terms of performance, the processor A14 Bionic introduced with the iPad Air should equip the iPhone 12. Engraved in 5 nanometers, the latter should allow Apple devices to remain the most powerful on the market while still improving their energy management. This chip should also carry a 5G modem, which will allow the iPhone 12 to be the first Apple smartphones compatible with the new network standard.

On the photo side, it is still difficult to say. The iPhone 12 mini and 12 should keep a configuration similar to the iPhone 11 (main sensor + ultra wide-angle) while the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max could recover the triple camera module (main + ultra + zoom x2) of the 11 Pro and win the LiDAR of the iPad Pro. Caution is in order, some rumors indicate that only the 6.7-inch model could be equipped with it.

Apple headphones are coming

Dubbed AirPods Studio by some, Apple’s headphones have been the subject of rumors for several years. The latter would embed an active noise reduction system and would automatically pause the music when it is not placed on your ears. This new product could be the beginning of the end for Beats, as Apple has already withdrawn all Bose and Sonos products from its Apple Store.

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Not much is known about this AirPods Studio. According to some, two models are proposed. One would be covered with leather, the other with microperforated fabrics (it would be intended for athletes). His presentation could take place on Tuesday, although nothing is certain yet.

A little brother for the HomePod

Launched in 2017, the HomePod connected speaker could be declined in a HomePod mini. More affordable, this product could more easily compete with the speakers of Google and Amazon. It is once again the quality of sound that would be honored by Apple.

Thanks to an update to its operating system, this new HomePod would be open to competing streaming services like Spotify and Deezer. The current HomePod will also benefit.

Finally AirTags trackers?

For over a year, we have been talking about AirTags regularly. These competitors of Tile trackers should use the U1 (Ultra Wide Band) chip of iPhones to help you never lose your items. For example, you can hang one on your bag, another on your wallet, a third on your bike, etc. and locate them very precisely in the application Locate from their iOS device. AirTags should also use the GPS location of millions of iPhones in circulation to be found even if you are several miles from the lost object.

Many questions arise about the economic model of AirTags. Will it be necessary to pay a subscription? Buy individually? Apple could finally answer us on Tuesday.

Kick-off for Apple One?

Apple’s bundle of services, which offers Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade and iCloud storage at a tempting price (15 euros for one person, 20 euros for a family) could be launched next week. Apple presented it in September without giving a release date, we imagine that it would be logical to launch it at the same time as the iPhone.

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New Mac products?

Finally, there is the question of the Mac. Will Apple release the final version of macOS Big Sur on Tuesday? It is possible that the company will wait until November and a possible third conference dedicated to Apple Silicon processors to release version 11.0 of its operating system. gives you an appointment on Tuesday for the Apple keynote. We will offer you to follow the announcements live in addition to a live-tweet and a broadcast on 01TV. Our journalists will return to Apple’s announcements throughout the evening.

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