A mini PC for gamers, powered by AMD components and which could act as a home console? This can only remind of AMD’s Project Quantum. The one that we thought abandoned for years, but that a patent filed by AMD seems to put back on the agenda. Or, in any case, a mini PC which would be very similar to it in substance.

Project Quantum is a small machine whose initial design really did not go unnoticed and which could fully benefit from AMD’s latest Zen 3 architecture processors. (the Ryzen 5000) presented a few days ago. On the graphic side, one of the new 3D chips for future Radeons, the RX 6000, could be at the helm. They should be officially launched on October 28.

With Quantum, AMD could return to attack Intel’s NUC 9 Extreme

For the record, during E3 2015, these are AMD graphics cards – the Radeon Fury X – which were to attract all the light of the spotlight. But they were at their expense! It is the concept of mini PC which received all the attention while it was only briefly shown. All the professionals jostled to see this little wonder at the show.

At the time, however, AMD did not transform the test. Current AMD FX processors (Bulldozers), who were to be in control of the machine, would have been the main reason for the postponement of the project. They were better than their predecessors … but clearly much worse than the Intel solutions of the time in games. Intel chips that have even been approached to integrate the first version of the product, alongside the Fury X chip housed in the system.

But 2015 is a thing of the past and since then AMD has reinvented itself. The Zen architecture (1, 2 and 3) for calculations has demonstrated its efficiency on the CPU side. And RDNA structures 1 and 2, for graphics, have nothing to envy their ancestor (the Graphic Core Next or GCN). Quite the contrary.

All these components are more powerful, more efficient and much less energy consuming than their alter egos of 2015. Clearly, this duo would be perfect to attack the ultra powerful mini PCs from Intel, the NUC 9 Extreme Kit, launched a few months ago.

Sources: Justia patents via Twitter and Neowin

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