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Spotify is improving on Apple Watch. After several weeks of testing, the Swedish streaming service has just formalized the launch of a fully independent application on the Apple connected watch. Launched in 2018, Spotify for Apple Watch until today was limited to controlling the music being played on your iPhone. Thanks to an update, it can now stream music from the streaming service’s servers and allow you, for example, to go running without your iPhone.

A beta function

At the bottom right of the playback control, you can choose on which device you want to broadcast a song or a podcast. In addition to the iPhone or a speaker, the Watch now appears with a mention BETA. You need headphones to benefit from it.

The only limitation is that Spotify for Apple Watch does not yet offer a search tab. To read a song missing from your library, you must go through Siri. We are far from the Apple Music experience… but it is already that.

Source: Techcrunch

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