Several weeks before the release of its new console, Sony has just updated its software PS Remote Play on iOS, Android, Windows and macOS to make it compatible with the PS5. When starting the application (which benefits from a new ultra simple design), you can now choose to remotely control a PS4 or a PS5.

PS5: from remote play to launch

Until today, Sony’s remote gaming app was called PS4 Remote Play. Since the Japanese manufacturer is used to gradually rolling out new features on its new consoles, some feared that it would not be possible to access its PS5 remotely at launch (while Microsoft will offer this type of function in beta on its Xbox).
Everyone can be reassured today, PS5 and Xbox Series players will be able to play from their smartphone.

Why did Sony decide to launch its new app so early? No doubt to keep all the attention of consumers … and prepare the very first shipments of its console. The next-gen is coming!

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