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And one more limitation. After the few native definitions supported by the PlayStation 5, it is his way of managing the external USB storage that is singled out. It doubles, in addition, a disappointment which future PS5 players would have gone well. It seems that Sony has not planned to transfer games cut for the PS5 to an external hard drive when the SSD is about to become full.

You will have to uninstall them to make room. Or migrate PS4 games installed on SSD to external storage device.

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External storage for current games

The Australian site Press Start posted a screenshot of a PS5 OS window that appears when you plug an external hard drive into a USB socket on the white case. An image that leaves no doubt about the limitations imposed by the Japanese.

As we can read, it is possible to install and transfer PS4 games to an external hard drive and to launch them from this device. No problem. If you are already using it on your PlayStation 4, it will be recognized automatically.

But, at no time is the possibility of copying PS5 games to an external drive mentioned. They do not even appear in the list of installed and transferable games in the interface provided for this purpose.

We’ll be quick to check this out on the PlayStation 5 we currently have in our hands.

Full of optimism, we only hope one thing, that this is the subject of a future console software update, such as the possibility of adding additional storage to the Sony console.

It would be frankly bad tone for Sony not to at least allow PS5 games to be stored on external media to temporarily make room on the console’s SSD. Especially since Microsoft allows it on Xbox Series S and X to compensate for any possible lack of space.

Source: Press Start

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